Why You Should Visit Alaska At Least Once In Your Life?

Free photos of JuneauThe American continent is varied wherever you look at it: deserts, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, majestic cities, and an endless number of natural and material elements that we would not have time or space to name.

Have you ever thought, about what is beyond Canada? Looking at the map, you will find the most curious state in the United States: Alaska, the “white giant”.

If you think of Alaska, what comes to mind? Probably huge snowfields, lakes, or glaciers. The reality is that there is much more than that and that is why we are going to tell you the 5 reasons why you should go to Alaska at least once in your life.

Experience the feeling of freedom

In Alaska, the largest state in the United States, you will feel that sense of freedom, a state where nature is the protagonist.

Alaska is a territory where 5% is covered by more than 100,000 glaciers, there are more than a dozen parks and natural reserves, fjords, sunrises, northern lights, and white nights.

Nature will surround you at points you wouldn’t even expect: northern lights, lakes, glaciers, and white nights.

Alaska is that place where you must pay attention to everything and use all your senses:

Sight, so as not to miss any landscape; smell, so that you feel the aroma of pine and native species; the touch, where you can feel the cold of the melting rivers; taste, trying the delicious salmon prepared by locals and hearing.

Throughout the day you will be listening to the animals and the pieces of glacier ice falling into the lakes.

Taste the giant vegetables and powdered beer

Have you ever seen a 16-kilo broccoli? Or a 30-kilo melon? Or a pumpkin of 800 kilos? Yes, you read well. All of that happens in Alaska and you shouldn’t miss it!

Due to its location, in the summer months, there are days when the sun shines for 22 hours a day, this means that the crops have more sunlight and grow in this way.

In the state of Alaska, the Giant State Vegetable Festival is held annually, where families of growers compete and display their gigantic productions. Quite a show worth seeing!

Thanks to its location, in the summer months, there are days when the sun shines for 22 hours a day and this causes crops to grow in unparalleled ways!

On the other hand, the company “Pat’s Backcountry” based in Alaska, was in charge of bringing to the world, not milk or sugar, nothing more and nothing less than powdered beer, what many call “the backpacker’s solution”.

The powdered beer is packaged in a small sachet that, when mixed and shaken with water, makes a delicious post-hiking beer. Don’t miss out on tasting and reviewing this local invention that, they say, competes perfectly with well-known beers.

Navigate inside an ice cave

Free photos of DenaliAlaska is a perfect state if you want to do sports in nature, be it trekking (par excellence), sport fishing, bike rides, or hikes on glaciers.

If you prefer to enjoy nature from other points, you can go bear watching, helicopter or plane rides, and kayaking. There are excursions in which you will be guided through different lakes and (a classic) do not miss sailing inside an ice cave!

It is an incomparable spectacle and while you navigate inside a glacier, you will feel like you are in the ice castle from “Frozen”: a crystalline blue dome and the sensation of seeing the ice from the inside will make you fall in love with Alaska.

Don’t miss out on navigating inside an ice cave: the excursion most enjoyed by travelers.

Meet the largest collection of totem poles in the world

Surely you have ever seen a totem, those unique sculptures carved in wood that represent family clans. In Alaska, there is the Totem Heritage Center, located in the city of Ketchikan: a place where they seek the conservation and recovery of totem poles from the 19th century. There you will be able to learn about the history, masks, ornaments, and information about these sculptures and their importance.

At Totem Heritage Center, they seek the conservation and recovery of totem poles.